Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Decorating

So, I got up a few more Halloween decorations this weekend.  I finished my other Dollar Tree sign, too.  Here you are—lots of Halloween inspiration!



So, that was okay, right?  But it was not snazzy enough for Sarah.  So, after a botched first draft, I repainted it silver with black lettering and some glitter for good measure.  And those spiderwebs in the background?  Credit goes to the trusty paint pen:


It’ll pop even better on the green front door, which is where I intend to hang it!

So, last time I told you about Mr. Pumpkin in the guest bathroom.  Well, today I spookified the other side of the vanity with a few branches and leaves, some hot glue spiderwebs and  black bats (template at Country Living):


Now, its kinda scary in there!  Especially when you close the door and see the awesome tulle wreath I made with a wire ring and strips of tulle tied on (tutorial from Something To Do):


Okay, that’s not scary… but the bats are!

And in the living room, I’m starting to transform the accessories.  I fixed up a couple of black candle sconces that I got at Goodwill for $1.50 each with some black paint.  Having them flanking the mirror with bleeding tapers makes me feel like I’m in some haunted Victorian mansion.  Eeek!


Speaking of eek, here’s my last project for today:


I just printed out the letters with Halloween backgrounds and stuck ‘em over the botanical prints that were already in the frames.  For anyone who was wondering about the fonts I use… I got these Halloween fonts from  ;) They have lots of cool ones there.

Okay, so that’s all we got for now!  But rest assured, there’s more where that came from!  Later I’ll show you my Halloween table “tree” that I made with some more branches.  And the brass candleholder revamp.  Stay tuned!



Hannah said...

I mean the "boo" framed stuff is just freaking awesome. And Mackenzie said that your party invite was phenomenal. We are muy impressed with your creative abilities. I think you should be a professional designer.