Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bandit Presents A Punchy New Pillow!


Hi.  Come in and disturb me, if you must. 

I’m supposed to show you this fancy new cushion pillow thingy in here.


Fancy, right?  Yeah, she made it. 

It’s some kind of nice fabric with puffy stuff inside to make it soft for me a purrfect place to sleep. 

Right on.


Plus, it’s got this crazy swirly stuff on it which makes me kinda dizzy.  Fun!  Like when they give me catnip! Whoo hoo!


And look over there… on the bed… 

She made a pillow to go with it.  Of.course.


Pretty great, right?  Don’t you just love the punchy teal blue color?  And how it pops against the yellow?

(She made me say that part.  She bribed me!  With treats and feather toys!!  It’s disgraceful, I know!)


Here’s a nice shot of the pillow thing when I’m not laying on it.  Yeah, she kicked me out for this picture.  Puh.


Oh and here’s another shot of that “punchy” pillow.  That girl loves to take pictures, huh?


But I have to admit that does look pretty comfortable.  And…this hosting business is tiring… 

Think I’ll just curl up over here and have a quick nap. 

See y’all later.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….





Andrea said...

LOVE that fabric! You certainly have an eye for colors. Can't wait to see all of this in person!

T.A. said...

Bandit, you are one lucky kitty

Molly Brown said...

You not only SEW...but you trained Bandit to TYPE!!! How Clever!!