Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Surprise Reveal! (in the dining room)


IMG_2393How do you like my new patriotic Independence Day centerpiece?  Just a splash of red, white and blue to get us into the spirit of the Fourth of July! 

What’s that? You noticed something weird about that first picture?  Oh, there are no cushions on the seats?  Whoops!  hehe  That’s because I removed them and piled them on the couch. 




IMG_2390 Why would I do that do you ask?   Hmmm… that’s a good question.  Well it’s cuz I had to take them to the upholstery shop to be recovered.

Just kidding… as if!  My Mama and I recovered them with fun new fabric today!  SURPRISE!  I was ready for something a little lighter than black leather.  Plus, Bandit had done in a couple of the cushions with his devil claws.  We selected a textured chenille fabric in an ivory damask pattern that I hope will hide all future evil kitty scratch marks.  Plus it goes well with our cream curtains and trim.

Here’s the new fabric:

  IMG_2395   IMG_2396   

Now here’s a look at the BEFORE… black leather be gone!


And AFTER, lovely and light:


 What do you think?  You like the new look? 

Think it means that we need to paint the walls for more contrast?  Yeah, me too. :)


P.S.  Don’t you love the new look of the blog?  I updated with some fancy new blogger features.  I love the tabs!  Thank you Illustrious Blogger People for hearing my pleas.  I promise to stop bad-mouthing you behind your back now. O:)

Edited to add:  Gah!  This post looks terrible in Reader!  Oh well! :)


Andrea said...

I love the new info that comes with the "new look" and tabs to the blog! :-) Nick and I make a pretty good team of painters, with him rolling the walls and me cutting in. Maybe I should just make a full week's vacation in October and we can help you paint a room or two??

Molly Brown said...

Yes!!! Love the lighter look! Great Job!
(I am trying my hand at this bloggin' thing...but so's bloggin'
my mind...just can't figure it out..LOL)