Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guest Room Progress and a Poll

So, at long last, I have finally completed the linens in the guest room.  The pillow I showed you Bandit presented was just icing on the cake for the foundation pieces that are finally done. 

Here is the before:


And After:


Very subtle, right?  Just swapped out the bedskirt and pillows and added a teal throw.


I finally replaced the bedsheet covering the boxspring with a proper bedskirt!  I bought the fabric many months ago and this week I decided to tackle the project.  At last, it’s done! Take a look at those awesome box pleated corners… you know, the ones that will never be seen because of the enormous duvet covering them?  Yeah those.

IMG_2386  IMG_2387

I also tossed on a couple of matching pillows.  The lovely ivory velvet ones we had in here before get to go back to the master bedroom where they will adorn the bed lay in a pile in the corner. :)  Here’s the crisp, new shams with their happy friend, Mr. Punchy pillow.  You’ve already met him.

IMG_2384  IMG_2385

So, that brings us to the end of the linens in the guest bedroom.  We can now update the checklist:

  • Paint
  • Bedding
  • Artwork
  • Seat cushion for cedar chest
  • Accent pillows
  • Bedskirt
  • Upholstered Headboard

That leaves us with one remaining project!  The Headboard!  We have the supplies and white fabric all ready to go, now anyone want to come decide on a style for me?  I just can’t choose between them!  Here are the contenders:

1. Square with curved corners

white headboard

2. Curved with square cutouts


3. Lots of curly cutouts… Mama would hate me for this one!


4. Simple curve

white curve headboard

5. Tall curve with big square corners, tufted


6. Square, tufted

guest room 6

7. Curve, tufted


The sky is the limit for headboard shapes, but I’m cutting myself off at seven choices!  So, cast your vote… which is your favorite?



Hannah said...

I pick number 1! Love the box pleats, as well... Lovely, lovely!

Molly Brown said...'s between 1 and 2....
maybe Bandit should decide since it's HIS room... :)

Andrea said...

My vote is #1 or #6.
Nick's vote is #1 or #7.
Landon's vote is "that one" (he's so helpful!)

Mackenzie said...

I vote either #1 or #6!