Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Yesterday I showed you how I had these two matching frames and I took one frame and two pieces of glass to make a butterfly collage.  That left me with a second frame and two pieces of cardboard backer.  Being ever-resourceful and in need of more things to hang on my walls ;) I decided to make a jewelry organizer to display some of my necklaces. 

All you need is a frame, cardboard, fabric, tape, pushpins and jewelry, of course!

I took the two pieces of cardboard (that fit in the frame) and taped them together into a double thick piece (the thickness is important so your pushpins don’t fall out).  Then I wrapped it with cream silk that would match my decor.  I simply taped the fabric to the back of the cardboard.  Easy peasy.  Then I spray painted my frame white to match the trim in the room.  Put the cardboard back in the frame and tape securely on the back.  Tape is your friend. :)  Lastly, I hung it on the wall behind my closet—it fits perfectly in that little space.  Add some pushpins and the jewelry! 

Now I have a place to hang my new fancy necklace that doesn’t fit in my jewelry box! Plus I get to display the weird old key that I found.  FYI, I don’t wear that as jewelry. :)


What do you think?  Do you have any old frames that you could convert into stylish jewelry organizers?



Anonymous said...

Oh, Auntie Sarah, your two nieces will love raiding your "jewelry organizer" LOL! That's such a clever idea. If I didn't think the girls would steal all my necklaces from it I would so make one. Maybe when they're older....