Monday, January 10, 2011

A place for everything…

And everything in its place!

The beginning of a new year is like a fresh start for a lot of people, myself included.  Last year, after all the Christmas goodness had been packed away, I started in on all the closets—cleaning out, repainting, and reorganizing.  This January, I have been a little distracted… by this:


While I haven’t quite made it to the closets, yet, I have accomplished one thing on my great to-do list!  It’s something I’ve been wanting for a while… a hook rack!  The space behind our front door in the foyer is the perfect place to hang your coat and bag.  Only we had just one hook.  So no one ever used it.  Except for occasionally I would hang some random holiday decoration from it.  :)

Here is our foyer BEFORE:


So, I bought a brand spankin’ new wooden rack with five nickel hooks for hats and coats and other hanging paraphernalia.  And after much fussing, I got it up on the wall securely!

And now, here is the accessorized AFTER:

IMG_4280 IMG_4275

There’s a place for everything… even the dog leashes.  :)  It may be a little cluttered, but at least it’s functional!  And the best part: now, when people come to visit, they no longer have to throw their coat on the floor. :) 

Hopefully I will be back soon with a mini reveal in the master bedroom as well as a progress report on the master bath updates!

Happy New Year!



Andrea said...

...just in time to hang up a dog leash!...