Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good day Sunshine

Our master bedroom is on the southern side of our house, which means it gets a lot of natural light.  Unfortunately for us, most of that light is being blocked by our curtains.  I made these curtains and tie backs when we moved in and mirrored the style that we had in our apartment.  It worked great in our apartment because our bedroom faced a parking lot, so a little more privacy was called for.  In this house, though, our bedroom is on the second floor and faces our backyard and driveway.  So, we decided to open those curtains and let the light shine in!

Here’s what we were working with before:



That triangle of light is just not enough!  We need more!  So, after Santa brought me new curtain rods and rings for Christmas (Thanks Santa!) I promptly got to work rearranging things.  First I had to take the small rods down in order to install the larger ones higher up on the window. 



Wow, so much light!  So, after pressing out the gathers in the tops of the curtain panels, I clipped on the new rings.  Then I hung the curtains on the new rods.  Then I decided the new look was too stark with nothing to break the line between the window and the blue drapes.  So, of course, I made some sheers to go behind the drapes and hung those on the old rods.  Voila… perfectly dressed windows!

IMG_4309 IMG_4310

Don’t you just love how much more light they let in?  My new challenge is to lengthen the drapes to the floor (no high water curtains for me!)  I’ve been pondering this problem… I’m thinking I will add a piece to the top or the bottom (can’t decide) of either cream silk or matching blue fabric (also can’t decide) and then stitch some decorative trim over the seam so it looks intentional.  Then once the length is finished, I still have to rearrange the fullness into proper pleats and “train” them (with steam) to stay put!  Nothing like badly behaving curtains to ruin your day.  Haha!  Even unfinished, we are enjoying the new look and all the light that streams in.  What do you think?


That bed looks so inviting, I might have to go take a nap in the sun.  On my plush new Pottery Barn quilt.  Heaven…

Just don’t tell the dog (or the cat) where I am… because they’ll come and steal my sunbeam… :)



Andrea said...

Landon wants to know if Bandit is hiding under the bed. Also, Nick and I both really like the tufted chair with the new bedspread! :-)