Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Les Papillons

This blog should be called “Decorating with Butterflies”.  Apparently I love them and just can’t get enough butterflies!  They live in almost every room of the house:


They are my go-to for art, fabric and accents.

Case in point:  I’m looking for something to hang above the towel bar in our newly repainted master bathroom.  Everything I have is either too big or too small or has kittens on it and says something about sisters.  Then I remember these two long skinny frames that my Mama gave me.  With seashell prints.  Obviously the seashells have to go.  But what can I put inside?  At 14” wide I don’t have anything I can print that would fit.  So I decide to sandwich something between the two pieces of glass (one from each frame).  Ferns would be good but its winter and I don’t have any in the garden that don’t look frozen.  Hmmm… how bout a picture of something… Butterflies?  I can’t find anything to print (vintageprintable.com) that is landscape and close to my dimensions. 

Lightbulb!  What if I use cutouts of butterflies in a collage!  So I find and print two pages of butterflies and cut them out (minus their antennae… poor butterflies).  Then I simply arrange them in my frame and stick them to the glass with a glue stick.  Place the second piece of glass on top and replace in frame.  Voila!


Instant art.  Love.


What do you think?  Think I should be committed for using butterflies all over the place?  Think I am a genius with a color printer and a glue stick?

As soon as it gets warm enough to spray paint, I’ll show you what I did with the second frame!



Brian O said...

Everybody needs a go-to theme. My mother-in-law is owls. I'm kind of fond of bears and forest.

Anonymous said...

"That is SOOO Pretty" quote from your niece Caroline