Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Redecorations

A couple weeks ago I showed you my Christmas dining room decor.  Well, since then I have added a few things to the room that I want to share with you!  This year as I helped my mom and some friends decorate their houses, I have been obsessed with ornaments piled in a bowl.  But when it came time to decorate my own house, I neglected to make a bowl full of ornaments for me to gaze upon.  Nothing would do but I had to redecorate the dining room to accommodate this:


I scavenged around the house until I found this beautiful tiered silver tray.  The tray was a gift from a family friend that I’ve had for a couple of years but never used.  It’s going to be a Christmas staple around here from now on. :)


I also added a few things to the dining room table.  My mom and I were shopping Michael’s for tiny wreaths to adorn our mini sleighs when we found a couple of glittery wreaths ornaments.  They turned out to be better as a candle bobeche than as sleigh decor so I placed them on my crystal candlesticks.


They are perfect!


Today I received a couple of new candles—handmade twisted red and green tapers (Thanks Kathy!)  So, naturally I had to switch out the red ones for these fancy new ones.  And of course, they got the place of honor in the adorned candleholders:


I’m digging the variation.  Plus it’s fun to watch the wax drip around the twist in a circle.  :)  It’s more entertainment for my dinner guests.

The last thing I had to redecorate was my Christmas snowflake pillows that I made two years ago.  This year we updated them with silver beading over the embroidery.  While working backstage on The Nutcracker I had lots of free time to sew beads on the pillows… and here they are all finished:


It’s hard to tell in photos, but the beads really sparkle in the light, especially at night when the Christmas lights are reflecting off of them.  I love how they turned out.  Here’s a before and after for your comparison:

IMG_0378 IMG_8712

While we’re talking about pillows, I want to show you the poinsettia pillows I sewed up a couple weeks ago.  After seeing this one from Pottery Barn, I thought it would be the perfect pillow for my Mama who loves poinsettias.  Here is my version made with felt and tiny jingle bells:


That’s all for now!  Hope your last minute Christmas projects are coming together… Only five days to go!

I’ll be back later this week to share our pile o’ presents and decorations from around Fort Guthrie.

Merry Christmas!