Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Tablescape in Red and Gold

The Christmas Tour continues in the dining room!     


The dining room got its traditional Christmas treatment with swirly gold and red placemats and runner.  Each place is set with red metallic chargers and Lenox Holiday china. 



I took the silver platter from my autumn centerpiece and filled it with real trimmings from my tree, cedar sprigs, glittery sprays and my beloved glitter poinsettias.  Every year it’s a delight to discover those flowers in the Christmas boxes, followed closely by the excitement of finding a special place to display them.  (They always end up in the dining room... hehe) 


I love my holiday china and table linens.  This year I put the red napkin on the outside and the swirly one on the inside for more contrast.  While looking over my past Christmas photos, I decided that I have been doing it wrong for the past two years.  Yes, I sit and think about this stuff… it’s serious business. :)

IMG_8490 IMG_8498

The chandelier got its Christmas spruce (get it, spruce? hehe) with greenery, pinecones, glitter sprigs and gold snowflakes. 


Over in the corner on the cherry cabinet I put the cute little china bowl of Christmas goodness.  I pulled it out of the box just like this!  It was hiding out in the master suite last year, but I thought it deserved some face time in the main house. :)


And I draped a red scarf over the chair to cozy up the corner a bit more.  Several years ago, I fell in love with this scarf from Victoria’s Secret and bought a clearance sweater just so I could get the scarf “free with sweater purchase”.  That is love, I tell you.  I have since worn the sweater and scarf each once.  The chair has worn it several times, though.  :)  The scarf, not the sweater… although that would be interesting.


And in the other corner, my Christmas birdcage perches on the flatware cabinet.  This year I filled my birdcage with greenery and a real nest!  I found the nest in the driveway this summer and I’ve been saving it for my tiny golden bird. :)  I think she likes it.


To finish the room, I brought out a couple of wreaths for the deck doors.  I added some real tree trimmings and a beautiful red and gold bow.  I love them so much that I made a similar one for the front door.  Stay tuned for that!


merry christmas


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