Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wonderful Christmas Lights

Our Christmas tour ventures outside tonight to see all the twinkling lights we’ve strung up on the house.  Grab your coat and furry scarf and meet me out in the yard.  While you’re getting bundled up, let me show you how the house looks in the daylight:


We have garland strung between the columns, a fresh fir wreath on the door and tiny wreaths in the upper windows.  And of course, dark red bows dot the whole scene for a bit of holiday color.  And on the porch, I added a couple of tinsel trees to the urns that flank the door.  I love this wreath and the gold edged bow that you can see from the street!


Okay, now let’s step outside and see it all lit up at night…


We wrapped the columns in white lights and looped some on the new fence.  The back fence is lit with colored lights.  Plus I took what was left of the colored lights and lit one cheerful little bush in front.  :)  Maybe next year he’ll get some little friends to join him.


Candles glitter from each of the upstairs windows and the tiny trees on the porch are glowing.

IMG_8665 IMG_8668

Have I mentioned lately that I love my new black door?  This picture says it perfectly…


I wanted something to go in the little urns on the porch that was tree-shaped and inexpensive.  After giving up on finding little artificial trees to put there, I finally found these plastic cone trees wrapped in tinsel at Family Dollar.  They were a little on the small side, so I wrapped over them with “chunky” tinsel and then wound a mini light string around each one.  Then I topped it with a gold star that I hot glued in place.  Aren’t they cute?


I love driving into our street and seeing the lights shining from the porch and fence.  It just feels like Christmas to me.  Hope you all are feeling the Christmas spirit, too.

Countdown continues… only 9 days to go!