Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pile o’ Presents and a Christmas Card Display

It’s only 2 1/2 days till Christmas and I still have a few Christmas things to share with you from the Horvath House!  My Christmas shopping is done and all the gifts are wrapped save for one that got waylaid in route.  It will be in tomorrow, but I wanted to show you our pile of presents under the tree!


I don’t prescribe to these fancy new ways of wrapping presents in all one color or in kraft paper with excessive embellishments.  Although this year I did manage to wrap all the gifts in different paper!  That’s a bit extreme I guess… :)  But it looks pretty.  I added a bunch of new ornaments to the tree yesterday that I bought at Sam’s… not as though you could tell since it was so stuffed with ornaments already!


My little sleigh is doing a good job of holding a bunch of the smaller packages under the tree.  Too bad it can’t fly off to deliver all these presents for me!


As Christmas is swiftly approaching we have been receiving more Christmas cards in the mail each day.  It’s always a challenge to come up with practical and pretty display ideas for cards.  This year I made a little holiday clothesline on the kitchen wall to display all of the cards from friends and family.


I found these tiny clothespins in the office supply section at Walmart.  And even though they were $2 for 8 (ouch!) I couldn’t resist getting several packs for my clothesline.  Last year I strung them up with paperclips… not as cute.  If you don’t see your Christmas card up there, you better get one in the mail to me, pronto!  :)

Tomorrow I am going to spend the day at my parent’s house baking cookies and decorating a gingerbread house with my niece Abby.  While I’m visiting, I will take final photos of the Guthrie Christmas Spectacular for your viewing pleasure.  I’ll be back tomorrow to share all the details!



Molly said...

So pretty and such a neat idea to hang the cards.....I SEE MINE!!! yay!