Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don’t forget to hang up your sock!

‘Cause just exactly at twelve o’clock, he’ll be coming down the chimney, down!


With only four days until Christmas, finishing our new stockings was high on my holiday to-do list!  Granted, I still have gift for others to finish, but I have to think of myself, too! :) 

I used cream wool for the stockings and faux fur for the top, plus an assortment of sparkly and shiny embellishments to personalize them.  I finally got around to stitching on the cuffs this morning and now I can check those off the list!  Here’s a play by play:

Step 1.  Choose your stocking shape and fabric.  Cut out a front and back for each sock.  I cut a lining for mine, too.

Step 2.  Choose your embellishments and design.


Step 3.  Embroider your design or add trims to the front.  Michael’s got embroidered silver snowflakes, while mine got a gathered wool ruffle and pleated satin ribbon topped with a velvet trim.

IMG_3643    IMG_3647

Step 4.  Pin your front to the back with right sides together.  Sew and turn.

IMG_3709    IMG_3710

Step 4.  Insert hanging ribbon in top seam, and add fur cuff to the top.  Embellish with tassels, ornaments, crystals, buttons, and fringe!

Step 5.  Hang up your sock for Santa! :) 

IMG_3919  IMG_3921


While I was over here, I decided to add some more sparkle to the mantel, too… in the form of glittery snowflakes!


I also added a sparkly sentiment in the center.  I made the NOEL from wooden letters spray painted silver and gold and dusted with Martha Stewart glitter in smoky quartz. 


IMG_3943    IMG_3941




Now that my stockings are all set for Santa, I suppose I should get back to finishing the last few gifts for my family! :) 

Happy Last-Minute Christmas rush to you!



Anonymous said...

You amaze me! Just beautiful. Merry Christmas!!! Much love!