Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: Before and After

I can’t believe it’s almost 2011.  This past year has been mighty productive around the Horvath House.  Here’s a look back at what we accomplished this year.
We finally got around to painting and decorating the guest room.  It was a long process, but the results were worth the wait!
IMG_8677 IMG_2986
We introduced our DIY ottoman coffee table in the living room and banished the Queen Anne style one to the den.  We also got a new console table (not pictured).
We built new stairs leading into our English garden, too, and fancied up the space with a new bench.  We also had several gum trees around the property cut down and a few other trees trimmed, which lead to fewer leaves and gum balls this fall.
I also finally got around to refinishing the vanity and painting the guest bathroom.  I am so pleased with how this project turned out, and will be doing a similar treatment to the master bath, soon!
2010 was a busy year for my paint brush!  The den got new colors from top to bottom.  We also finished the den’s two upholstered wingchairs! (The second chair is not pictured… I would go take an updated picture for you, but the den is currently wearing Christmas attire.)
IMG_1328 IMG_2732
We re-carpeted the second set of stairs, so now all the stairs have the same carpet.
I spread the painting joy upstairs, too and tackled the dining room.  This room also got updated with new chair cushions!
IMG_9525 IMG_2801
Our last major accomplishment this year was power washing the exterior of the house and deck.  What a difference that made!
There were a lot of things we didn’t get accomplished this past year, and those things will go on our to-do list for 2011.  Here is our wish list for the upcoming year:
  • Redecorate master bathroom with new lighting, faucet, paint, refinish vanity, and frame mirror.  Woot!
  • Repaint office, kitchen, and bedroom, possibly even the living room, hallway, and foyer?
  • Build fancy new shared desk for office.
  • Replace grungy carpet in den with laminate floors FINALLY! Please say 2011 is the magic year!
  • Curtains for den windows (botched attempt #1 in 2010).
  • Install shelving in garage for storage
  • Convince Michael to let me paint the kitchen cabinets!
  • Landscape mailbox bed, mulch backyard beds.
  • Rebuild deck…  another year passes and I still have to write this on the list….
  • Make plans to clear out back line of property for a sunny vegetable garden!
Hope you, too, are making bright plans for the upcoming year.  See you all in 2011.